Gather Moments, not Things. When you're old, you'll have no regrets.

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  • 28 Dec 2023
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Do you recall your first MP3 player, or the nonfat caramel latte you purchased last week? How do you feel about those items? Consider spending Christmas with your family. You definitely don't think about presents first; you usually think of the talks, laughs, and board games. Lasting delight is derived from experiences rather than goods. Our brains are like living scrapbooks; they gather memories, frame them, and revisit them all the time. We may get satisfaction from these memories years after they are created, and we can appreciate them in ways that tangible objects cannot.

Seek Experiences And Collect Memories

Most of us can tell the difference between the joy we experience when our new iPhone arrives in the mail and the joy we feel on a dream vacation to Italy. Whereas we may be enthusiastic in the days leading up to a trip, we become irritated when we are waiting for an object. Whereas most of us rapidly lose interest in a new device or item, we prefer to treasure a memory.

In one study, researchers investigated the link between happiness and memory and discovered that people rely on prior experiences to feel happy and well-adjusted. Another study looked at what individuals regret in their lives and concluded that the following were the most prevalent regrets in life, in descending order of importance: education, profession, romance, parenthood, the self, and leisure. There is no mention of "not getting a yacht" or "not buying a Coach purse" on this list. The items in this list are experiences, not objects. When we pursue experiences we want to have rather than goods we want to purchase, we fill our scrapbook with gorgeous photographs and rich, amusing tales. Even the most traumatic incidents, when recounted, may make for the most gripping and amusing stories.

So, in our materialistic world, how can we shift our attention from shopping to the pursuit of experiences? Most of us aren't going to leap off the sofa and go skydiving soon after reading this, and that's fine! Some of the most joyful times in our lives aren't the most thrilling. Here are some suggestions to get you started collecting.

Make A Bucket List

We all have things we secretly desire to do. Making a list and posting it on your bulletin board can bring those memories even closer. Most of us abandon our more ambitious objectives because we believe they are unattainable or too expensive.

Keep An Adventure Jar

Place a jar on your kitchen counter. Put the money you would have spent on such items in the jar every time you decide not to buy something you don't really need or dine out. Most of us are unaware of how much money we could save if we didn't waste it on frivolous items.

Have Some Small-Time Goals

Not every event has to be life-changing. Every week, or perhaps every day, try something new. Change your commute to work or invite some fresh folks around every now and again. Instead of being trapped in a meaningless routine, take some time out of your day to enjoy life. You might be shocked at how these seemingly insignificant details might alter your life.

Take Time For Family And Friends

We share some of the nicest recollections with other individuals. A simple talk with a close friend may be enough to lift your spirits on a bad day.

Be Open To New Things

Many of us are hesitant to venture beyond of our comfort zones, which prevents us from experiencing many things in life and leads to regret. Life is designed to be experienced. Make new memories by trying new things!

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