7 Best Exercises for Losing Weight and Burning Calories

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  • 29 Mar 2024
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Whether you've just started or are months into your weight reduction quest, you've probably wondered what the greatest workouts to lose weight are. Spoiler: it's not endless cardio. 

Before we get into the facts, let's start by debunking some myths: 

Despite what you may have seen in advertising for the latest fitness device, there is no way to spot-reduce fat through exercise. When we start to burn fat through activity, it comes from all throughout the body at the same time, with newly accumulated fat burning faster than old fat stores.

I like to relate the process to that of lighting a candle. When manufacturing a candle, the wax is poured into the base and built up. When we light the candle, the wax on top (or the most recently added wax) burns first. The process of burning fat is comparable. 

So, the short answer to weight reduction exercises is a rigorous yet balanced regimen.


What Exercises Are Most Effective for Weight Loss?

Again, the basic answer is a balanced program, but what exactly does it look like? 

This means your program should train all three energy systems which is a fancy way of saying it should include high intensity burst workouts like sprints or powerlifting, moderate intensity and duration training like traditional strength training or circuits, and long duration low intensity activities like walking, jogging, or dancing. 

The ideal program is structured like a pyramid. Begin with a foundation of functional strength training making up the majority of your program, followed by low intensity training on the second layer, and high intensity activity making up the smallest section of your regimen.


Why Am I Working Out But Not Losing Weight?

Now, what if you believe your program contains all of these components? What if you're strength training, running, and even doing a few sprints during the week, but the scale still doesn't move? The most likely cause here is a lack of adequate recuperation.

Let us review our pyramid analogy.

Consider the sand that the pyramid is sitting on as our healing. Effective recuperation is undoubtedly the most crucial, but often overlooked, aspect of a well-balanced practice. When comparing calories in vs. calories out for weight loss, it may appear that training every day is required to maximize calorie burn. That approach, however, will result in, at best, a transient weight loss followed by a persistent plateau; at worst, poor digestion, increased 

Recovery is more than just stretching after each workout (although I hope you don't skip). Recovery refers to how well you sleep, how you manage stress, and how you fuel your body before and after exercise. 

What's the importance of this? This may appear frivolous at first glance, but it is founded on solid science. When we are stressed (which can be caused by daily pressures, a lack of sleep, pain, or an imbalance of nutrients), our fight or flight neurological system activates, resulting in a variety of negative side effects.

When we are stressed, our cortisol levels rise, indicating that our bodies should prioritize survival over all else. As a result, our digestion slows, we stop recuperating, and our happy hormone (oxytocin) levels drop.This implies that not only will we lose motivation to exercise, but we will also feel worse afterwards, and because we are not digesting food properly, we are far more prone to store fat from it.

If you're feeling stuck, take a look at your routine and make sure you're performing the following:


7 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

The reason you're here: the finest exercises for weight loss! When you look through this list, you may detect a theme. The ideal sort of exercise for weight loss is a compound exercise, which involves using many muscle groups at the same time. That implies bicep curls did not make the cut here.


1. Squats

Squats in all of their varieties work our entire lower body as well as our core. 

Bonus points for goblet, Zercher, or front carry squats, which engage the upper body.


2. Deadlift

All variations. Again, to safely perform a deadlift, you need strong legs, core and great grip strength


3. Kettlebell Swings

These are deadlift's more intense relative. Not only are you working the same muscle groups that are targeted during a deadlift, but you are also engaging in some of the high intensity training I discussed before.


4. Turkish Getups (TGUs)

These are the posture kids for the full-body workout. This workout trains every muscle in your body while also increasing your strength and mobility.


5. Walking Lunges

Walking, like TGUs, exercises various muscle groups (core and lower body) and trains the body to buffer shock, resulting in healthier joints.


6. Transverse Step Ups

This exercise is ideal for anyone suffering from tight hips or back pain, as it works many muscle groups simultaneously.


7. Bulgarian Split Squats

This workout is not only difficult, but it is also beneficial to everyone who spends their days sitting at a desk. Every rep stretches the front of your hip and thigh, which improves lower body posture and relieves sitting pain.

I advise you to incorporate these workouts into your program, but remember to start cautiously to ensure your safety. All of the variants on this list will be beneficial, and they all have lower intensity or bodyweight regressions that you may begin with and progress to. So, rather than pushing yourself too hard, accept your body's current state and gradually add these activities into your program.


Bottom Line

If you're having trouble finding the perfect workout or exercise to help you lose weight, simply stick to a balanced diet, prioritize effective recovery, and start incorporating the weight loss activities listed above that target several muscle groups.

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