Best Pillows to Cradle Your Head for a Good Night's Sleep

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  • 25 Aug 2023
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Pillows are often near the bottom of the list of ways to get a good night's sleep. Even if you have a sleep mask, white noise machines, or a sleep routine, none of this will help if your pillow is unpleasant.

All pillows are not created equal these days, as several are designed to address specific concerns that people have when sleeping. Regardless, the ones I've chosen are intended to provide the finest sleep possible for your specific situation.

Criteria for a Good Pillow for Sleeping

Before getting into the list of best pillows I selected, here are the criteria that went into selecting the ideal pillows for sleeping:

  • Ideal material – The insides of pillows, as well as the fabric itself, can all be customized. This enables people to deliver a variety of benefits. All of the materials used to make these pillows are intended to give excellent sleep quality.
  • Unique technology – These pillows are not available in regular stores and feature technology that distinguishes them from the average pillow.
  • Fit to be comfortable – Naturally, these pillows are designed with comfort in mind. These stores have a wide selection of pillows to choose from, allowing you to choose the perfect pillow for you.
  • In addition to the above criteria, most of the pillow companies here are USA-based companies. You’ll be supporting American businesses and, in many cases, enjoy free shipping and faster delivery.

9 Best Pillows for Sleeping

1. Best for Neck and Back Pain: Pillow Cube

Pillow Cube, as the name implies, specializes in cube-shaped pillows. These are perfect for folks who sleep mostly on their sides because the material is hard enough to keep your head parallel to your mattress.

This also helps to straighten your spine and eliminates the need for you to lean your head downward on softer pillows.

Furthermore, these pillows regulate temperature and are made of high-quality materials. You won't have to flip your pillow around, and it will stay in that cube shape for years.

2. Best Customized Pillow: Pluto Brand, Inc.

There are several pillows in this list that are meant to address various issues that people have during the night. But what if you don't require all of that and simply want a comfortable pillow?

So, instead of selecting out any pillow, why not buy one that is custom-made for you? Pluto Brand, Inc. provides this service. Every one of their pillows is tailored to your specific needs, such as how you sleep and what you seek in a pillow.

Aside from the customization, the pillows are comprised of a firm foam core encased within an exterior soft pillow. You have control over the height, density, and additives based on how you answer their brief questionnaire. The same is true for the thickness and quantity of fibers in the outer cover.

Despite these adjustments, the company will not produce some pillows, such as down or latex cushions. So, if you're seeking for those in particular, you'll have to look elsewhere.

3. Best Suspension Pillow: GX Pillows

Gx Suspension Pillows are made in the United Kingdom and are ideal for sleeping. Their original idea is their Medium-soft variant, which incorporates patented internal knots.

These ties pull the pillow up and softly cradle your head and neck, delivering relaxation all night.
Other notable features of this pillow are:

  • A 100% cotton shell for a softer and more luxurious feel
  • Use of a special Polycoz filling that Gx Pillows uses for greater comfort
  • Integral vented end to keep you and the pillow cool

Please note that this product is only being shipped within the United Kingdom though.

4. Best Memory Foam: Marlow

For the best memory foam pillow, look no further than Marlow, which has pillows that are simply the best.

Unlike a lot of memory foam pillows, this one is our pick for the best due to its four key features:

  • Antimicrobial – This creates a protective coating that keeps your pillow clean for a longer amount of time while you sleep..
  • Supportive – It offers a nice balance of hardness and loft to provide the best support.
  • Cool –Its foam is cool and includes a breathable mesh for optimal airflow.
  • Adjustable – You can zip or unzip the cushion for a harder or softer pillow without making a mess.

Despite this, the pillows are manufactured in China and supplied by a corporation based in the United States. As a result, while purchasing these pillows, you should expect delays and additional taxes.

5. Best Relaxing Pillow: CBD Pillow

Consider CBD Pillow to be the best all-natural and soothing pillow. The pillows made by this company are filled with a unique micro-encapsulation process that contains millions of CBD microcapsules. These microcapsules differ from topicals or edibles in that they are placed on the pillow and gently release CBD during the night.

The explanation for this is simple: friction causes the capsules to burst, releasing CBD slowly. That CBD is then absorbed straight through your hair follicles and skin, assisting you in regulating your sleep throughout the night. This leads to a restful and soothing sleep.

These CBD pillows are the most creative CBD product ever created. Nonetheless, the cannabis part is one of the more difficult sells for consumers.

6. Best Overall Pillow: LMP Worldwide, Inc. Classic Pillow

These pillows were created to provide support in every sleeping position.

Because these are foam pillows, they are recognized for holding their shape over time, implying that a high degree of foam is employed.

Memory foam is breathable, adaptable, and odor-free.

It comes with a removable, machine-washable, stain-resistant, and hypoallergenic Microfiber cover.

For two years, these pillows were thoroughly tested to determine the optimal comfort of cushion form and technology.

This pillow has been named the greatest back pain pillow, the best memory foam in the contour pillow category, and the finest temperature control.

7. Best Speaker Pillow: Soundasleep

Sound Sleep is a UK-based firm that has developed an innovative, one-of-a-kind, smart, and luxurious comfort cushion in the form of its speaker pillow. The speaker inside the old form of the cushion is the most remarkable feature of it.

The speaker itself is inaudible and can be used to listen to music or audiobooks. Best of all, the sounds do not disturb others while you sleep.

This cushion can also track sleep habits and has a snoring management feature.

Aside from the technology, the pillow is created with comfort in mind. It's generously filled with soft and bouncy hollow fiber that gives excellent head and neck support. The cover is also quilted for maximum comfort.

8. Best Pillow on a Budget: Live and Sleep Pillow

One of the major issues with pillows—and, by implication, mattresses—was that you had to go into stores to try them out. Live and Sleep understood the problem and opted to forego it all.

Furthermore, they concentrate on creating a cushion that is inexpensive to try out and purchase.

The following are important aspects of their traditional Live and Sleep pillow:
1. Memory foam pillows will cradle your head and help you sleep better overall.
2. It provides excellent support and alleviates neck strain.
3. It is lightweight while maintaining a firmness that isn't overly mushy - great for comfortable side or back resting.
4. The pillows are eco-friendly since they utilize fewer chemicals in their pillows, which allows you to sleep better.
5. The company's mission is to assist others. Some of the revenues are donated to charity.

9. Best Down Pillow: Lux Pillow

The final pillow on the list is Lux Pillow's greatest down pillow. This cushion is made with sustainably obtained white goose down and the highest quality small-game duck feather available on the market.



There are numerous pillow firms that offer various types of unique pillows for diverse requirements. Whether you want to adorn your home with thematic pillows, sleep on, or ones that are actually comforting at night and keep you cool, this list has various options for you.

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