90% of People Quit Working Out After Three Months

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  • 20 Jun 2023
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I manage a fitness centre for one of Switzerland's largest businesses. My forecast for January is that we will welcome more than 130 new members to our facility. This is approximately $100,000 in revenue in just one month.

The month of January is the most profitable for fitness centres. Many people begin a gym membership because they wish to radically reinvent themselves. They will publish on social media, "New Year - New Me!" Unfortunately, this is not always the case. More than 90% of these people will stop going to the gym after three months. They are known as no-shows.

This is not an ideal circumstance for either the person going to the gym or the gym itself. "Florian, the no-shows are not your ideal customers," my prior manager once told me. Gyms will always require them in order to make money. People who train frequently, achieve achievement, and then eagerly tell their friends about it are our genuine value clients!"

My prior boss had many problems, but he was correct in this case. Here are three ways to help you stay in shape for months to come.

1. Set Good Goals

When individuals arrive at our institution, they frequently lack adequate goals. They merely want to "lose weight" or "gain muscle" whenever we fill out the evaluation form. These two phrases are wishes rather than aims.

The SMART rule is used to set realistic goals. Specific, quantifiable, achievable, reasonable, and time-bound goals should be established. shedding weight is not the goal; shedding 5 kilogrammes in the following two months is.

I wish to emphasise the realistic component of goal-setting. Begin on a tiny scale. Having lofty aspirations will only lead to frustration in the long run. Read about it on message boards and then decide what is realistic. Change one thing at a time. Make it long-lasting.

Make a point of writing down your aim as well. A written goal has magic. If your goal is written down, you are significantly more likely to stick to it. Remind yourself of your goals on a daily basis by writing them on a Post-it note and sticking them to your refrigerator.

2. Find Accountability

Writing down your goals and posting them on your fridge can also help to create accountability within your family. Your family will encourage you and inquire about your progress. This increases your chances of sticking to your goals.

Have you ever thought about why gyms offer group fitness classes? It's because participating in a Group Fitness class helps people develop personal relationships. Relationships within the gym also boost the likelihood of a person renewing his membership. People who train with a friend tend to train more frequently and harder. They are more likely to achieve their objectives.

Invite a friend to join you on your fitness adventure. Create accountability by posting your objective on Facebook. Take advantage of accountability.

3. Learn To Deal With Setbacks

The path to your objectives will not be straight. The sooner you accept and learn to live with this, the better.

The diet you will begin will not always be clean. The workouts you'll be undertaking aren't always spectacular. Don't berate yourself for it. These setbacks are merely part of the game that we must all play. Accept the setback and move on as soon as possible.

People who have learnt to deal with disappointments will be the ones who have fantastic lives ten years from now. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, written by Angela Duckworth, is a book about perseverance. With 770 5-star reviews, it's clearly a book worth reading.

Concentrate on progress rather than perfection.

Quitting Makes Nothing Better

I am not a believer in the never-say-die attitude. It is sometimes a reasonable choice to do so. Nobody would disagree that stopping smoking is a terrible idea. Quitting is a reasonable option, but not in the gym.

Remember that you started going to the gym to fulfil a significant need. You desired to lose weight or get healthier. I'll tell you two things: 1. The gym is effective, and 2. Getting in shape is absolutely worthwhile.

It's a nice thing to be able to go shirtless to the beach with a chiselled tummy. When your pals inquire, "How did you do this?" you smile.

It's fantastic to wake up full of energy and move confidently through life. These are the kinds of emotions worth fighting - or should I say training - for. Keep your New Year's resolutions; a wonderful life awaits you.

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