10 Motivational Apps to Get You Started in the Morning

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  • 17 Jun 2023
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Which morning sounds better to you: a serene, peaceful morning in which you feel encouraged to start your day and work on your goals, or a frenetic morning rush in which you dread doing any work at all? Isn't there a rather apparent option? Fortunately, there are simple strategies to build the positive momentum you need to get your day started each morning. To make that happen, all you need is a simple motivating software that you can quickly download into your phone.

With an inspiration and motivation app, you can completely transform your morning routine. The ten motivation applications listed below are designed to jumpstart your morning and ensure you feel entirely in control of your life.

Whether you want to boost your "go-get-em" mentality or add calm energy to your morning routine, you're sure to find something that creates the ideal environment for your daily success. And once that happens, don't be surprised if the rest of your day goes as well.

So, take a look, pick a motivational app, and figure out how you can make a fantastic morning for yourself.

1. Unique Daily Affirmations

Instead of starting your day sleepy and unmotivated, flip the script with these mantras designed to prioritize your mentality for success. Each morning, you'll receive a new encouragement to help you go forward. As a result, you'll constantly have something new to focus on to keep your gears turning in the direction of positivity and good mood.

You can also record your own affirmations if you want to contribute personal insight. Check it out if you're looking for a simple approach to motivate yourself in the morning.

2. ThinkUp

If you're seeking for affirmations to get your day started right, Hal Elrod (author of "The Miracle Morning") has his own affirmation available for you to utilize in this motivation app.

ThinkUp also offers a tracking feature that allows you to see which affirmations you've heard. And the goal is to fill your head with as many affirmations as possible in order to entirely shift your way of thinking. So, this new app has a lot going for it in terms of not only enhancing your mornings but also keeping inspired throughout the day.

3. Motivate: Daily Motivation

How much more inspired can you get by starting your day with a motivating speech?

With thousands of lectures on success, fitness, productivity, and more bundled into a single easy-to-use app, your mornings will be FAR more inspirational than ever before. The daily videos, in particular, are brief, to the point, and designed to get your inspiration going immediately.

4. Motivation – Daily Quotes

What distinguishes this app is the combination of literally hundreds of motivating quotations as well as the non-garden variety of quotes you've probably never seen before. As a result, you'll see more than just the standard "You miss 100% of all shots you don't take."

And here's why that's a good thing: it's easy to become numb to the same repetitious messages all the time (no matter how inspirational), but this app entirely avoids that problem by providing you with brand new motivational and optimistic quotations every morning.

5. iWish Bucket List

Visual reminders of your goals can be a very effective way of increasing your motivation in the morning. All it takes is a quick peek at your vision board to remind you "why" you get out of bed each morning. Even better, you'll have more motivation to get your day started as a result of it.

iWish is particularly impressive since, in addition to allowing you to submit photos to symbolize your objectives, it also allows you to track them and provides a running history of your fulfilled goals. And the combination of seeing your past success and future aspirations is a powerful motivator.

6. Visuapp

What I enjoy about Visuapp is that it focuses on finding a happy medium between your aims. It accomplishes this through the use of a "feng shui" board. It divides your life into nine sections: money, celebrity, relationships, family, health, creativity, knowledge, career, and travel. And you simply insert an image into each one, and with a fast glance, you quickly know what you need to focus on to achieve the ideal life you desire. Definitely basic and easy to use for anyone.

7. Smiling Mind

Australia is known for its deadly animals and now, it appears, for its mindfulness app.

Smiling Mind, which has been used cheerfully by over 5 million people, will help you get in sync with your body and mind each morning and reclaim control. The best thing is that the app claims it just takes 10 minutes of your morning to complete.

Check out the app that millions of people already use every day, and you might find yourself looking forward to getting your mornings started.

8. Mindfulness Coach

This software was created to help military veterans relieve stress, so it's safe to say that it's a strong tool to build a sense of calm and relaxation in your mornings as well. There's also a lovely little feature that shows your progress as a growing tree. And because of this, it is simple to assess how far you have progressed in establishing a stress-free existence with the workouts it provides.

It goes without saying that if you can get your morning off to a good start, the remainder of your day will most likely follow suit.

9. Omvana

If your mornings are frenetic, you'll need a strategy to slow things down. Instead of being swept up in the hustle and bustle of your morning rush, you can actually take things in and ensure you're concentrating on goal-oriented chores for the remainder of the day. Omvana comes in handy here.

To bring some tranquility to your mornings, begin your day with a simple guided meditation. You can even mix in binaural beats to cause an "alpha-wave" state, which is meant to create a state of "relaxed alertness" in your mind. Isn't that preferable to rushing through your morning routine?

10. Ten Percent Happier Meditation

The beautiful thing about this software is that if you upgrade to a paid subscription, you literally have a meditation coach to teach you—which is pretty incredible (which is why they advertise "a daily meditation coach in your pocket" on their website).

The ratings for this app are pretty positive, so I'd recommend checking it out if you ever face tension throughout your morning ritual.

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