Do not be afraid to be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

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  • 23 Jan 2024
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It's a frequent piece of advise. You hear that all the time.  ‘Just be yourself.’ It sounds like a fantastic achievement that we should all aspire toward. But hang on a minute. What exactly does this mean?
It's perplexing – is a narcissist expected to remain narcissistic because of who they are? Should those who have social phobias simply isolate themselves?

The true self are fearless and unmasked.

Consider this: the narcissist and recluse are not being who they truly are. They are overpowered by their own fears and ideas. True self are shedding labels and muddled judgments imposed on them. No ostentatious masks. We become who we are when we discard the cloaks of others. When we say, "This is who I am," we are simply making assumptions about ourselves. A lifetime of collected ideas and thoughts have shaped your life, and you must change yourself to become the true you.

Reach your ‘inner child’  and loosen up a little bit.

Have you seen how youngsters do anything they want and don't care what others think? They enjoy the present moment. This is a reflection of genuine nature. They have not yet been socialized to conform into the norm. They do not care whether others think they are dumb or irresponsible.

When we strive to fit in with society, we conceal our genuine self-nature, which is predicated on fear of what others may think. If you're concerned about being evaluated, it's not the actual you; it's the you shaped by societal norms.

Get in touch with you. Be available to yourself.

Be mindful of the quality of your ideas. Allow yourself some quiet time each day. Examine your thoughts carefully. Our unconscious ideas have been passed down by others, and this is who we feel we are. Let rid of previous notions that are confusing you in the present and unveil the real self. We are more than just engrained negative beliefs.

Follow your intuition.

The most crucial aspect of being yourself is to trust your gut. When you feel indebted to others, their pleasure becomes more important than your own. You disregard your desire to relocate, and you remain in unsatisfactory positions for fear of what others would think of you. Stepping beyond of your comfort zones makes you appear a failure to others, so you revert to your old patterns and accumulate great misery.

When you begin to follow your instincts and aspirations, you go on a journey to greatness. There will undoubtedly be bumps on the road, but when you are aligned with the calling of your inner self, you will steer in the right way. If you are unhappy at a job that is not a good fit for you, you should resign. You will soon be back on your feet, in an even better job.

Free yourself.

Consider how much you care about other people's impressions of you, and you could discover that you've tucked your true self away in a tightly locked box. Suppressing oneself in order to fit in and satisfy others may result in anger, despair, and shyness, which are not representative of your genuine self.

When you feel yourself becoming tied to labels or tales, take a deep breath and focus on the present now. Consider how you would respond in that scenario if you didn't care what others thought of you. Let go of worrying about how others see you, and do what you enjoy, and you will connect your genuine nature with your inner enjoyment, enabling your true self to show.

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