14 Great Goal Setting Books to Read This Year

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  • 12 Apr 2024
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There are a variety of skills available to help us live successful lives. The only difficulty is that so many individuals struggle to get started and then maintain that momentum. 

My approach for resolving this issue is straightforward: begin by creating goals and achieving them. 

Many of our life achievements are built on the foundation of goals. When we first began to walk, we most likely set a goal to build our muscles. We accomplished this by crawling and then standing up.

Adult goals are very similar to learning to walk. We concentrate on the fundamentals and several processes before moving on to attain the desired results. 

So, how do you create goals correctly? Reading some solid goal-setting books is an excellent place to start. 

Every author has a unique viewpoint on goal setting, and understanding about the various systems can help you create and stick to your goals.


1. Creating Your Best Life

14 Great Goal Setting Books to Read This Year 
Caroline Miller, MAPP, writes about going beyond the standard SMART formula for goal planning. She makes a point of providing particular workouts while also sharing related experiences. 

It's an excellent book to consider because we connect better with tales and can find greater inspiration to make objectives in the way Miller describes in her book. 


2. Your Best Year Ever

Michael Hyatt, the author of this book, provides a research-based approach to goal planning. The final outcome is to develop relevant goals. To do so, you must first consider your own purpose. 

The book applies to any aim you can think of. It also helps that Hyatt has tested his theories and outcomes on real people. This implies that what Hyatt is discussing will assist you in getting unstuck and building quit-proof objectives.


3. The Book of Mistakes

Skip Prichard is an excellent storyteller, and he incorporates that expertise into this book. This novel follows a symbolic character who discovers nine mistakes that extremely successful individuals never do. 

For example, Prichard discusses the error of living someone else's dream. He relates that story while stressing to the reader the significance of being free to consider who they want to be. 

Even if the character is young, it's astonishing how many of the same mistakes can be made by older people.


4. 9 Things Successful People Do Differently

Heidi Grant Halvorson's book emphasizes the importance of what you do over what you currently have. This book is well-researched and goes into detail regarding what the title states.

This book is intended to help readers attain their goals. The book urges you to adopt a long-term, can-do mindset.


5. Big Potential

The author, Shawn Anchor, emphasizes the distinction between little and large potential. The main idea is that tiny potential refers to things you accomplish on your own, but huge potential is all about accomplishments with others. 

Everyone is influenced by the people and circumstances around them. As a result, when we help others improve around us, we unlock a lot of our own potential.


6. The Desire Map

Danielle LaPorte wrote this book, which takes a different approach than previous goal-setting books. LaPorte's purpose with this book is to guide the reader through a goal-setting procedure that focuses on feelings and allows outer goal achievements to flow from there. 

The objective is to let purpose motivate you to achieve your goals.


7. Hard Goals

This book, written from the perspective of author Mark Murphy, chronicles his experiences as an executive coach. His perspective on goal setting is that goals should be more than just something you put together quickly. 

According to him, the immense potential of goals originates from inside desires. If you want to change the world, you must first establish goals that will guide you there. 

It sounds straightforward on paper, yet many people struggle to set and achieve these goals.


8. How To Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie wrote this renowned book, and the title emphasizes its intent. While you might believe this isn't about goal setting, several chapters discuss mastery of goal setting and overall achievement. 

Even though this book was written in 1936, the wisdom it imparts is still relevant today.


9. The Power of Positive Thinking

As mentioned above, there are numerous ways to improve goal setting and achievement. While books might not often discuss goal setting directly, their approaches and information can help you achieve achievement. 

This is the case with The Power of Positive Thinking, in which Norman Vincent Peale investigates what it means to pursue and achieve life goals while leading a satisfying life. 

The book emphasizes the importance of development of a positive mindset. Peale uses instances from a variety of renowned persons, including several former presidents.


10. The Art Of Setting Smart Goals

As the title suggests, this book is about making SMART goals. Anisa Marku wrote the book, which describes how this goal-setting approach works. Even if you've read articles or books on this groundbreaking technology, you can still learn more here.


11. Goals!

If you want to learn more about goal setting, read Brian Tracy's book. This book is on the lengthy side, with about 300 pages, but it's an extremely useful resource. 

Tracy discusses actions to take before making objectives, emphasizing the importance of knowing your values and beliefs. From there, he shows you how to choose which ambitions to pursue.


12. The Magic Lamp

Keith Ellis' book takes a unique approach to goal planning by using the acronym LAMP to assist you through the process. 

LAMP stands for Lock On, Act, Manage Your Progress, and Persist. 

Ellis investigates these topics from numerous perspectives. For example, in the lock on section, Ellis discusses selecting your goals, planning, and ensuring you're willing to pay the price for your goals. 

It's an unusual perspective on goal setting that covers several topics you may not have considered.


13. The 4 Disciplines of Execution

This book is geared toward entrepreneurs and emphasizes business goals over personal ones. These are vital for entrepreneurs because many businesspeople create goals only to fail and never achieve them. 

While experiencing setbacks and learning from them is part of the goal-setting process, this book delves into four disciplines to help your business succeed and grow.


14. Measure What Matters

The last book to discuss is John Doerr's Measure What Matters. It's another book on setting goals for company, but the examples and theories given can also be applied to personal life. 

The book emphasizes the book's title and references firms such as the Gates Foundation and Google that have used this technique to great success. 

These ideas function because they address many of the topics covered in The 4 Disciplines of Execution. 

things approaches things differently, utilizing a technique known as OKR. OKR represents Objectives and Key Results.


Final Thoughts

Even if you're not a big reader, self-help books can benefit in a variety of ways. The eternal and evergreen information ensures that you can apply it without worrying about whether it's the best way available. 

Even if it isn't, goal planning is all about trying out different ideas and seeing what works best for you. That, and having a good strategy in place to consistently meet your goals.

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