How 90% of people squander their lives with this mindset.

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  • 30 Jun 2023
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If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that being kind to myself is a daily requirement. Failing a test in school, being passed over for a team project at work, or failing an exam that would qualify us for a promotion are all examples of blunders that can elicit a slew of negative statements about ourselves, ourselves.

Because we are all human in our existence. We are prone to making errors. Errors, poor decisions, bad deeds, and failures in judgment can all lead to us critically judging ourselves. Mistakes, on the other hand, can be a terrific method to discover new things about ourselves.

Why not think more positively about being redirected instead of being caught in a rut and beating ourselves up for past mistakes? It's possible that the oversight happened because we weren't supposed to be here, but over there.

Beating yourself up

You're a jerk. You have failed. You will never succeed. You're always making a mistake. These kinds of thinking keep us dissatisfied, sad, and wretched, and on a path that does not lead to happiness. It's as if we wake up with a bat in our right hand and the only thing that hand can do is reply to a notion with a massive WACK over the head. OUCH!

This is an excellent method to waste time, decrease our self-esteem, and secure our place in the losers' stadium. (It is home to 90% of the people.)

If you're weary of torturing yourself with bad ideas and fictitious sporting equipment, consider the following:

Know yourself

I am aware of who I am. I believe that self-awareness is a requirement for self-care. Recognizing my capabilities, whether good, bad, or indifferent, is one method to learn about myself. So, if I can softly know myself, and be kind to myself when I achieve and fail, I'll be able to run farther on life's path while smiling.

In other words, I tried it, but it wasn't a good fit, and now I can go on to the next task to see if it is a better fit.

You are good enough

I am excellent enough no matter what I try. I am no less than anyone else. My veins are filled with the same blood as theirs. I am not greater than anyone else; everyone has their own set of unique talents and gifts. Furthermore, there are some things I can accomplish and thoughts I have that no one else near me has thought of. I'm adequate.

I am significant. My presence on the earth serves a specific purpose. I arrived on Earth to perform a specific task. So what if it takes a few years to figure out where I belong? I might as well enjoy the adventure because "I matter!"

How to be gentle with yourself

1. Forgive yourself for previous transgressions. The term error begins with an ill or sick prefix. Because most sick people do not hold themselves, hostage, because they are sick, it is a good idea for us to forgive ourselves for being sick.
2. Exercise patience. Giving oneself time to continue learning and improving is a thoughtful present.
3. Patience is a virtue. A good gift is to give oneself time to continue learning and growing.


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