Best Goal Setting Journals to Keep You Focused

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  • 11 Aug 2023
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Most people struggle with the belief that everything must happen right away when striving to transform their lives. You're sick of not eating properly, eager to start that new job, and motivated to live the life of your dreams. Because most transitions take time, this can lead to feelings of frustration. A goal notebook is an excellent tool for staying on track and motivated.

Why Do You Need a Goal Journal?


You may wonder how goal journals might help you keep on target. When you track your progress, you can see the results, which helps you stay motivated. Often, you are too near to the problem to realize the changes that have already occurred. So, when you're feeling discouraged and ready to give up, go back over your journal and recall your accomplishments.

Consider when you were a child and would visit your grandparents on occasion. Your grandparents couldn't stop gushing about how much you'd grown since they last saw you. You're sitting there thinking to yourself, 'I may have grown a couple inches.' The difference is that you see yourself every day and hence miss the gradual changes.

When you're changing your life, the incremental changes can be frustrating since you're not where you want to be. In other words, you're merely comparing where you are now to where you want to be. By keeping a goal book and documenting your progress, you give yourself the option to compare where you were to where you are.


You are encouraged to continue when you feel like you are making progress. That is why so many individuals give up on their aspirations every year. They do not believe they are making any headway. This could be due to them not establishing appropriate goals, but it could also be due to them failing to recognize all of the progress they have made.

There are various factors to consider when deciding which goal diary is appropriate for you:

When it comes to the fundamentals, you should be able to put your goals in your journal. These objectives should be divided into short-term and long-term objectives.

It's also a good idea to categories your goals. They can be classified according to whether they are related to your health, relationships, professional development, or personal development.

These are not the only classifications available, but they are an excellent place to start. Categories are useful because they let you focus on all parts of your life. When it comes to how we feel about our lives, we all want balance. The goals you set for yourself today are based on perceived areas of your life where you believe you are deficient. However, if you simply focus on today's problems, you risk creating new ones in the future.


For example, if you believe your job is stagnate and want to focus on professional development, you could establish a goal of reading five leadership books or attending a conference. Your career progress may increase over time, but your health may deteriorate. As your working life progressed, you felt you no longer had time to exercise or eat healthily. Writing a balanced set of goals allows you to develop a roadmap for your ideal existence.

You can use your goal notebook to help you focus on being more appreciative, productive, or patient with your loved ones, in addition to writing your goals.

There are so many parts of your life that you can focus on with your goal diary that it is critical that you are clear about your aim.

6 Best Goal Journals to Help You Reach Your Goals

You simply need to know which one to buy now that you know what you're doing with your goal journal:


After thousands of podcast interviews, John Lee Dumas discovered several characteristics among the most successful entrepreneurs. He took the science of goal achievement and produced the Freedom Journal. The Freedom Journal claims to be able to help you achieve your top priority in 100 days.

This journal can help you make daily action plans, nighttime evaluations of your day, 10-day sprints to complete micro-goals, and quarterly reviews to highlight any necessary improvements.


Mel Robbins is the best-selling author of The 5 Second Rule, and she use the same research-backed technique to assist individuals in taking action, getting results, and living a more fearless life. This notebook is intended to assist you in dealing with overwhelm, becoming more productive and confident, and becoming your happiest self.


Stoic philosophy has been present for thousands of years, and many people credit it with producing some of the most wise leaders, great artists, and skilful sportsmen. This diary allows you to write down your objectives and take notes, but it also provides stoic advice and insight that you can apply in your daily life. Its promise is to assist everyone looking for inner peace, clarity, and effectiveness in this crazy world.


The Bullet Journal Method is intended to assist you in tracking the past, organizing the present, and planning the future. Ryder Carroll feels that keeping a goal book will help him eliminate distractions and begin focused on intentional living. The bullet technique has many modifications, but Carroll is the original, and his book will help both seasoned veterans and bullet journal newcomers find ways to successfully improve their lives.


Business Insider dubbed this planner the greatest planner money can buy. The Panda Planner is scientifically developed to increase your happiness and productivity. The Panda Planner is equal parts agenda, gratitude, journal planner, schedule, goal planner, life organizer, and productivity.

As if that weren't enough, it also includes free films and scientific solutions that you can implement right away to benefit you in many aspects of your life.


This notebook was designed with the working professional in mind. It is simple and takes about 10 minutes per day. A segment is dedicated to thankfulness, personal development, great dreams, and living well.

You can use this journal to organise your thoughts and plan for the future. Every day, there are questions to help you establish your goals and achieve work/life balance.

Bottom Line

The goal journal you choose will be heavily influenced by the outcome you want to achieve. It is crucial to note, however, that these journals are not magical. It will need effort and perseverance to achieve the desired results.

The good news is that if you put in the effort and follow a tried-and-true blueprint of these six journals, you will be successful.

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