Best Fitness Apps to Use in the Privacy of Your Own Home

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  • 29 Jul 2023
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Fitness is a multibillion-dollar industry. Many people enjoy working out but may not want to pay exorbitant gym membership costs or commit to a year-long contract. Fitness apps are convenient options, and many are half the price or even free. All you have to do is download them to your phone or smart TV and start working out whenever you want, from the comfort of your own home.

It appears to be the ideal solution, but with so many options available, which are the best fitness applications, and what demands do they meet? To help you decide, we've produced a list of the greatest fitness apps.

1. Sweat

Kayla Itsines, a fitness influencer, created this app, and she enlisted the help of several of her influencer pals. For your convenience, you can download this fitness app to your Apple Watch.

You can begin with the four-week intro programme as a great warm-up for strength training. The programme continues with strengthening your muscles with dumbbells or weight machines. The software is like having your own personal trainer with you at all times.

2. Beach Body on Demand

If you enjoy doing out at home but lack motivation because there is no trainer shouting directions at you, this is the app for you. This app has something for everyone, with anything from yoga to hip-hop to suit your mood.

The workouts range in length from 10 to 90 minutes, allowing you to select the programme that best fits your schedule. There are many trainers to assist you with your routines, as well as a BOD community to discuss your thoughts and ideas with. The app also keeps track of your prior workouts.

3. Peloton Digital

Peloton is well-known for its indoor cycling lessons, but this app is more than that. Yoga, indoor and outdoor running, guided meditation, boot camp-style workshops, and evening strolling are among the classes available. You may even select your favourite artist to listen to while working out.

You may see your instructor doing the workout alongside you because the workout is in video format. Some of the activities require basic equipment, such as dumbbells or a yoga mat, however, this is mentioned before to the class.

There are other programmes with specified objectives. If you wish to run a marathon, for example, there is a programme for you.

4. Glo

This app, formerly known as Yoga Glo, is excellent for yoga, meditation, and Pilates. You are spoiled for choice with over 3700 workouts led by over 50 different teachers. After you sign up, the app proposes classes for you to try out, or you can use the filters to search for what you're searching for. You can specify how much time you have available, and the algorithm will select a class for you.

5. Nike Training Club

If you want to do cardio, you'll appreciate this app because it allows you to work out without using a treadmill. The 160 routines of varying lengths incorporate circuit training, weight training, and body-weight training. They are designed to get your heart rate up.

The best part about the app is that it is free and has a very basic setup, so you can simply choose a workout that meets your preferences. It also includes routines created by famous players like Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo. The software allows you to customise the workouts to your abilities, time constraints, and desired outcomes.

6. Grokker

This is one of the greatest fitness apps for people as well as businesses who want to keep their personnel fit and healthy. The software considers not just fitness but also weight management, injury recovery, and stress reduction.

This app is a good choice if you want to look at every element of healthy living. It includes yoga, fitness, and cooking guidance. There are various experts offering guidance, and once you discover one you like, you may subscribe to their frequent updates.

7. Physique 57 OnDemand

This app is designed to complement barre classes. These lessons are ideal if you are travelling and have limited space in a hotel room. Many of the online classes do not require any special equipment. The lessons focus on specific regions of the body, but there are plenty to choose from based on your goals for the day.

The best part is that new lessons are offered every week! The goal of the exercises is to shape your body while also boosting your flexibility and metabolism. The classes are live-streamed online, so you may view them from anywhere.

8. Tone It Up

This programme functions similarly to a virtual studio. You can do the workout or choose one from the library with a new programme added every day. If you prefer a group situation, you can sign up for classes with other virtual members.

The app offers a wide variety of classes, ranging from kickboxing to yoga and everything in between.  There are also some excellent classes for pregnant and postnatal ladies. Most classes require no equipment and only a small amount of room, so there are no excuses not to try it out.

9. Pure Barre on Demand

Barre is an excellent strength training exercise. This app's workouts span from 5 to 60 minutes, making them easy to incorporate into your everyday schedule. The workouts are either taped live during class or taken from previously released DVDs.

It's a terrific motivator to watch others accomplish the workout. Each workout incorporates aspects of ballet, Pilates, and light training, so you'll never get bored.

10. Daily Burn

This is a wonderful fitness software for folks who wish to stick to a training routine. There are numerous workout options and styles available, and the app can create workout programs tailored to your fitness goals.

You may access the workouts from anywhere. If you are unable to attend the live classes, you can use the recorded version at your leisure.

11. Openfit

This software includes five fitness programmes, the most popular of which is the extended barre. You may watch the workouts on your phone, iPad, or television. The app also includes health and dietary programmes that may be customised to your specific requirements. There are on-demand and live sessions available in a variety of modalities, including Pilates, stretching, jogging, and cardio, so there is something for everyone.

One fascinating feature is that you can turn on your camera during the lesson so the trainer can give you live advice. Talk about customised!

12. Obé

Each signature class lasts 28 minutes and can be seen live or on-demand. The app was inspired by bright exercises from the 1980s. There are a variety of classes available at various times that are cardio-based with flexibility training. They are intended for a wide range of fitness levels, so select one that works for you today.

13. Asana Rebel

This app combines yoga with healthy lifestyle recommendations. This app is perfect for people who have busy lives because it has a variety of length options ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes and requires only a small space and a yoga mat.

The free edition provides two new workouts every day, while the subscription version includes trainer recommendations and a customised workout schedule. You can sign up for courses, such as an 8-week fat burn, or choose specific classes based on your energy level for the day.

Final Thoughts

Whether you exercise to achieve your ideal body or to relax your mind through meditation or yoga, there is a fitness app for everyone that you can use from the comfort of your own home. Hopefully, one of our best fitness app recommendations can help you get started and attain your fitness objectives with daily workouts and excellent training routines.

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