7 Best Goal Tracking Apps to Help You Stay on Track

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  • 26 Dec 2023
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You have a goal that is important to you. You want to get there. Isn't it simple? But, let's face it, the path to accomplishing your goals is more like a maze than a straight line. You hit brick walls, take incorrect choices, and sometimes you run out of motivational fuel....

The kicker is that tracking your progress is like having a map through the maze. It not only shows you where you are, but it also shows you how far you've come. This keeps your spirits high and your concentration razor-sharp.

Imagine being able to point to minor milestones along the way, mini-celebrations that remind you that you're making progress. Small victories aren't simply feel-good moments; they're your road signs, indicating that you're on the correct track or allowing you to re-calibrate when required.

So you're nodding, you get it, but you're wondering, "Where do I even start with tracking my goals?" This is where we step in.

In this post, we'll look at the 7 greatest goal tracker apps that will act as your digital compass, keeping you on target and encouraging you every step of the way.

7 Best Goal Tracking Apps

Let’s get you back on track with these 7 trackers:

1. The Time Flow System App

The Time Flow System app, created by my team and reinforced with an AI copilot, is more than simply another productivity tool. It's your intelligent assistant, created to help you achieve your goals in the most effective way possible.

You're not just checking off things using the Time Flow System app. Each moment is purposefully matched with your broader goals. Every Focus Block brings you closer to your lofty goals.

Be smart with your Focus Blocks to maximize the app's potential. Allow the AI to assist you in ensuring that every action is in sync with an Initiative and a North Star. Make good use of your time if you want to see actual results.

Remember that how devoted you are to your Focus Blocks determines how quickly you attain your North Stars. Do you want to go faster? Stock up on Focus Blocks.

2. Strides

Strides is like your life's dashboard. The software uses a number of trackers to offer you a complete picture of your objectives, whether they are habits, milestones, or particular tasks.

It takes the uncertainty out of the equation by using charts to show you how close you are to your target and what you need to do next. It doesn't simply state "you're getting there"; it shows you how.

One standout feature is its "Target" tracker, which allows you to create incremental goals for whatever number you desire to achieve. Do you intend to read 50 novels this year? Strides will take you through it month by month, week by week.

Set aside a few minutes each day to update your trackers to get the most out of Strides. This daily assessment maintains your goals at the forefront of your mind and assists you in recognizing when you need to crank up the pace.

3. Way of Life

The power of everyday routines is emphasized in Way of Life. Every day, you make a note of what you accomplished and label it as a 'good' or 'poor' decision toward your objective.

Way of Life keeps you honest by challenging you to categorize your daily behaviors. It cuts through self-deception by displaying trends—how frequently you make choices that support or impede your aims.

Custom labeling is available in the app, allowing for in-depth research. You can now pinpoint which behaviors hold you back and which propel you ahead.

Committing to documenting your activities at the same time every day might help you avoid overlooking or forgetting important habits.

4. Habitica

Habitica turns your life into a game. Make your objectives into 'quests,' and your negative habits into'monsters' to be defeated.

Habitica makes the repetitious portions of achieving more fascinating by turning them into a game. Suddenly, every move you take is a step closer to 'leveling up' in your life.

Habitica also has a social component, allowing you to form groups of friends and take on tasks together, which provides an added element of accountability.

Don't overlook the social features. To stay motivated, join clubs and challenges that are related to your goals.

5. Coach.me

Consider Coach.me to be your personal pocket coach. It not only records your progress but also provides individual tutoring for a charge.

Coach.me provides professional advise suited to your unique requirements, unlike other applications that rely on self-guided action. This outside perspective has the potential to influence the game.

The true draw is the community component, which allows you to share your victories and learn from others.

Choose the coach feature, even if just for a short while. Expert counsel can help you get beyond typical roadblocks.

6. ATracker

Time management is the focus of ATracker. It monitors how you spend every minute of every day.

ATracker lets you understand where you're losing time and where you may dedicate more time to meet your goals by providing a clear picture of your time utilization.

Its daily summary function lets you examine your time allocation with pie charts, which helps you better understand your tendencies.

Before you prepare for tomorrow, go over your daily summary. Knowing how you spend your time allows you to make better decisions for the day ahead.

7. ClickUp

ClickUp was originally designed for collaborative tasks, but it may also function as an all-in-one toolset for your own ambitions.

It provides numerous 'views' such as lists, boards, and even Gantt charts, allowing you to visualize your goals in a variety of ways.

The "Dependency" function allows you to sequence jobs, ensuring that prerequisites are completed before moving on to larger tasks.

Use many 'views' to examine your goals from various perspectives. Sometimes a shift of perspective is all that is required to see a clear route forward.

Bottom Line

You now have a toolset to help you navigate the maze of your aspirations. To be clear, objectives aren't attained with magic or sheer effort. They are attained via the daily, steady, and measured actions you take.

And what drives their actions? Clarity. Knowing where you are and where you want to go, as well as recognizing the minor victories that lead you there.

These applications aren't just digital trinkets; they're your road map, compass, and gentle nudge that says, "You're getting closer."

So, choose your tool. Use it on a daily basis. Adjust as needed, but never lose sight of your destination.

The road to your objectives isn't a straight line; it's a journey with twists, turns, and, yes, milestones. And you now have a co-pilot.

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