Setting Goals for a Healthier Life Has Incredible Benefits

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  • 02 Jul 2023
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When we lead hectic lifestyles, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We frequently set out to modify our harmful habits, but life gets in the way, and even if we make progress, it can occasionally slip by the wayside despite our best efforts. The issue is our failure to recognize the significance of modest milestones and our impatience in getting there.

Setting clear goals in all aspects of our lives is critical to accomplishing what we want, and this also applies to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Change can be difficult, especially when we are busy, but here are the primary advantages of having specific goals and the relevance they have in attaining success.


1. Clear Goals Help Set Our Purpose

When we are unclear about our health goals, we are more likely to give up. It's not enough to tell yourself, 'I'm going to start walking,' but making it clear and specific, such as 'I'm going to walk 10,000 steps every day for the next two weeks,' will provide you an incentive to keep up the practice.


2. Utilises Our Time Efficiently

Setting a specific objective makes it easier to incorporate the activity into our daily lives. If you want to walk 10,000 steps every day, you should plan when you will be able to do it. You will be more focused and forced to contemplate how you will include this into each day if you have a specific goal, such as parking farther away from work, using the stairs instead of the lift, or planning a stroll after dinner in the evening.


3. Clear Goals Equals Faster Results

When we set specific goals, we can more readily create time frames, which leads to consistency. Consistency is essential for reaching any objective in life because it means we get faster results, which fulfills our impatient tendencies. Setting defined goals and time frames focuses our efforts, making it more likely that we will stay on track to achieve our objectives.


4. Allows Us To Keep Track Of Our Progress

Progress tracking is critical for achieving our health objectives. Whether we use an app to keep track or a pen and paper to tick off each day, it helps us realize how well we're doing and how far we've come. This produces encouragement and a sense of accomplishment that can only be achieved with clearly defined goals. By establishing specific goals, we are spelling out the road we must take, which will make each step much easier. A hundred miles can only be traveled with each individual step, and it is these steps, rather than the overall objective, that we must concentrate on.

5. Helps Us Achieve A Positive Mindset

We have something to strive towards when we have a defined objective, and this helps us to feel more positive since having clear goals enables us to feel less stressed and reduces the sentiments of failure we place on ourselves. Having a clear focus allows us to feel in control of our life and fosters a positive mindset, which is essential for attaining our goals.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

We've all heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals, but they're a wonderful guide for defining goals that are clear, reasonable, and attainable.

SPECIFIC:  Make your purpose specific rather than broad. This will assist you in focusing on the minor stages required to attain your end goal.

MEASURABLE: Set metrics for your objectives. Decide on specific steps to take and how much you want to accomplish each day or week.

ACHIEVABLE: Make your goals simple and reachable. If you make them too ambitious, you are more likely to fail and abandon them; instead, set tiny, attainable goals for success.

REALISTIC: Ascertain that you are capable of carrying out the steps required to achieve your goal. When you set the goal of training for a marathon while working 12 hours a day, it will be difficult to keep up. Check that your goal corresponds to both your time commitments and your ability.

TIMELY: Instead of broad aims, establish specific timelines. Putting a deadline on your goals makes them more accountable and focused.

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