An Insightful Interview with Steve White(CEO)

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  • 07 Jul 2023
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Do you let your circumstances define you, or do you take command of your life no matter how difficult it is?

I had the privilege of interviewing Steve White, president of Comcast Cable and special counsel to the CEO. He collaborates with executives on a variety of critical initiatives, such as leadership development, strategic planning, diversity, equality, and inclusion (DE&I), and digital equality. As President of Comcast's West Division, he oversaw approximately 30,000 people, served nearly 10 million customers, and generated about $18 billion in yearly revenue.

Steve began working as a child, assisting his single mother in cleaning motel rooms. He knew his mother was capable of more than she was doing, and he imagined what she and his three brothers could do if they had the means and opportunities.

Those formative years taught Steve that a strong work ethic and commitment attract chances that lead to a fulfilling life. His mother was live proof of this. Steve might not have gone through some of the life-changing events if it hadn't been for her commitment to raise her four boys.

Steve has had an unwavering perspective since he was a child, and he still uses it to keep his purpose front and center. The goal is to set up a table of affluence where everyone can participate and enjoy themselves.

Let's get started with our chat and discover about Steve's remarkable tale and winning philosophy:

1. In a nutshell, what made you decide to transition professionally to writing, speaking and inspiring others?

A phrase commonly ascribed to Mark Twain inspired me. "The two most important days of your life are the day you're born and the day you find out why." I was able to answer the second question despite my difficulties. I was put on this planet to set up a table of riches for others. Sharing my life lessons, both achievements and failures, serves my why.

2. Is there something about helping people achieve personal and professional success that helped you discover something about yourself?

Yes. We all want to be needed and dependable. I was the oldest of four boys raised by a single mother who relied heavily on me to assist, help, and, in some situations, lead. The duty was enjoyable and respected by me. In some ways, gaining approval for a job well done was enjoyable.

3. How do you currently measure success?

I measure success in the following ways:

  • Family = laughter
  • Giving back = gratitude
  • Business = Are we improving every day? Are we focused on “the process” and not just the results? Did my employees’ W2s increase year over year?

4. Have there been any surprises along the way? Perhaps something that didn’t quite work out as planned?

I had aspired to be a sportscaster. There are no regrets, but you never say never.

5. Tell us more about your Daily Wins newsletter?

Life is difficult. Focusing on the process rather than the outcome is the approach to achieve success in life. As a result, you must accept each day as it comes and concentrate on being successful today so that tomorrow may take care of itself. The Daily Wins programmer gives that continuous attention on the process. If you win today, tomorrow will be taken care of.

6. Are there any leaders who continue to motivate and inspire you? How do you keep learning?

My wife and mother are the two most important ladies in my life. My happy nine-year-old kid, as well as all leaders who have conquered difficulties, inspire me. I continue to grow by surrounding myself with successful people and accountability coaches who challenge me with love, support, and difficult questions.

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