Do Vitamins and Supplements Increase Energy?

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  • 17 Jan 2024
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There are several strategies to increase your energy levels. However, if you're seeking for a more natural and healthy method to boost your energy, you might be wondering whether there are any supplements you can take to assist, and if they actually work.

So, do supplements work?

In this post, I'll look at if there are any pills that will help you increase your energy levels. I'll also go over a few vitamins that you may take to enhance your energy naturally.

Can Supplements Help Improve Your Energy Levels?

Our bodies require vitamins and minerals to function properly. Vitamins aid in cellular energy generation, DNA synthesis, and neurologic function, reducing both mental and physical tiredness.

Preventing deficits in specific vitamins and minerals can assist to maintain optimal energy levels. But, which vitamins and minerals are most important? Let's look at the best vitamins and minerals for increasing energy levels.

Vitamins and Supplements That May Boost Energy Levels

Here are some of the most important vitamins and supplements that may help boost your energy levels.


The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism reports that muscular weariness is a typical sign of Vitamin D insufficiency.

Vitamin D is not contained in many foods, so taking an oral supplement may be the best way to treat a deficit. Adults under the age of 70 should take 600 IU of Vitamin D every day, while those above 70 should take 800 IU. Women who are pregnant or nursing may require different recommendations, so consult your doctor before beginning any supplements.


There are eight B vitamins in total, all of which are vital to the body. B vitamins are particularly crucial for brain function and energy generation. Having a lack of certain B vitamins might consequently cause weariness.

Vitamin B12, commonly known as cobalamin, is an essential B vitamin for energy production. Vitamin B12 deficiency is more prevalent in older persons and those who have had weight loss surgery. If this describes you, it may be beneficial to begin taking a Vitamin B supplement to support proper energy levels.

Because Vitamin B12 is water-soluble, it is typically regarded safe to consume in greater quantities. If you ingest more Vitamin B12 than your body requires, you will eliminate it in your urine. However, if your body lacks Vitamin B12, it will retain what it requires, which may assist to boost your energy levels.


Anemia is a condition that occurs in people who are iron deficient. One of the most common adverse effects of anemia is weariness. According to the Mayo Clinic, certain categories of people may be prone to iron deficiency. Women who are menstruation, vegetarians, individuals with an illness that prevents iron absorption (such as celiac disease), and pregnant women are all more prone to have anemia.

If you want to enhance your iron levels and boost your vitality, you should eat more iron-rich foods. These foods consist of meat, eggs, and leafy green vegetables. It is also crucial to consume enough Vitamin C-rich foods, since they can help your body absorb iron more effectively. Foods high in Vitamin C include broccoli, citrus fruits, and leafy greens.

If incorporating these items into your diet does not seem feasible for you, an iron supplement may be the best option for increasing your energy level. Before starting an iron supplement, consult with your doctor to decide whether it is acceptable and what dosage is required.



While less explored, a 2012 study in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine investigated whether Ashwagandha root administration may increase energy levels. They discovered that supplementing with this herb lowered stress levels, perhaps leading to increased energy.

Ashwagandha root is growing more popular, making it simpler than ever to locate on the shelves of your local supermarket or health food shop. However, you should consult with your primary care physician before beginning this supplement to confirm that it is appropriate for you.


Creatine is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among gymgoers. Creatine is an amino acid that serves as one of protein's building components. Weightlifters are increasingly turning to creatine tablets to boost their gym performance and muscle mass.

Creatine supplementation may be appropriate for athletes who have low energy levels. A research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition discovered that creatine supplementation aids in recovery, reduces the risk of dehydration, and prevents sports-related injuries. Given the improvement in athletic performance observed with creatine supplementation, it stands to reason that creatine supplementation may be recommended for athletes with low energy levels.


Melatonin may be the correct supplement for you if you have poor energy due to a lack of sleep. While melatonin does not immediately raise energy levels, ingesting it may result in an improvement. This natural hormone helps to regulate sleep. If you suffer insomnia or problems falling asleep, taking a melatonin pill before bedtime can help regulate your sleep routine and increase your energy levels during the day.

Certain groups have been shown to have decreased amounts of melatonin secretion, which can contribute to problems sleeping and low energy levels during the day. People who are elderly or have type 2 diabetes, some malignancies, high blood pressure, or Alzheimer's disease may be vulnerable.

Melatonin supplements are sold at most supermarket shops and pharmacies. Melatonin is also available in gummy form, making it both convenient and enjoyable.

In Conclusion

There are several products on the market that promise to work and improve your energy levels. However, it can be difficult to determine which supplements will genuinely perform as advertised. According to the research, certain supplements may assist increase energy levels in persons who are low in them.

As previously said, it is critical to consult with your doctor before using a supplement to increase your energy levels. Not only will they be able to assist you decide on the optimum amount of these supplements for your body, but they will also be able to advise you on which supplement would be most suitable given your lifestyle.

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