13 Common Life Issues and How to Solve Them

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  • 28 Dec 2023
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As we breathe, we meet challenges. But it doesn't hit us until we feel a significant impact, at which point it becomes a source of stress, hurt, or grief.

Life troubles, depending on their scale, can be clogs in the wheel of growth, and we may not be able to reach our full potential until we learn to set our problems in the correct perspectives, as recommended by Robert Schuller's Tough Times Never Last.

In this essay, I've highlighted several frequent areas where you'll most likely encounter daily life issues while you work toward your full life potential. I've also recommended practical techniques to dealing with, managing, and addressing such issues.

But, before we get into the most frequent difficulties in life, you might want to first identify your largest struggle in life right now – what elements of your life should you prioritize first?

You can do so by taking the Life Assessment. It's a free survey that will provide you with an overview of all elements of your life and help you better understand your present challenges. Simply complete the assessment and then proceed to my solutions below.

Discover How to Overcome Real Life Problems

When you're dealing with life challenges, it's tempting to believe you're the only one. You are not, however, alone. Here is a list of issues that people confront in their daily lives.

1. Financial Crisis

Life is full with challenges. We live in an unpredictable world, and a financial catastrophe might strike at any time. While you should always anticipate and prepare for a financial catastrophe, the scale may still catch you off guard, or it may be substantially more than any preparation you have done over the years.

It might be that you lost your job or a significant investment, were hit with a lawsuit that jeopardized your finances, or had your livelihood disrupted by a severe tragedy. So, what do you do when you're in financial trouble?


To overcome a financial crisis, you must first accept the situation. Recognize and accept the circumstance, and then begin your rehabilitation by reorganizing your financial priorities.

When dealing with real-world issue scenarios, the following step is to determine the source of the crisis. If it is due to a job loss, your efforts should be focused on finding a new work. If you have many debts, check into debt consolidation so that your monthly debt repayment may be combined into one payment rather than being burdened with multiple installments.

You can also sell some of your valuables to acquire funds to preserve the situation, or hunt for a higher employment if your present one pays less. If you require assistance, do not be afraid to seek assistance from family and friends.

2. Health Crisis

A health crisis is another important issue that might arise in your life. This is not implausible because our bodies function around the clock, even when we are asleep. As a result, and if you do not keep routine health behaviors, health decline may occur. If you don't take care of it right away, things might grow bad.


The first step, like with other human difficulties in daily life, is to explore lifestyle adjustments. This involves cutting back on junk food, eating healthily, exercising, getting some fresh air, and getting some sun.Aside from making lifestyle changes, you should seek quality medical treatment and receive many views regarding the state of your health in order to get the most inexpensive care.

3. Relationship, Marriage, and Family

There is nothing sweeter than love and family life, yet it may also be a cause of suffering for others. Human flaws in a relationship might lead to a serious life crisis. This has been a roadblock for many people on their journey to satisfaction.


The greatest thing to do is to avoid relationship difficulties from occurring, but if they do occur, you must confront reality and begin to treat them. This is one of the most prevalent life difficulties, so simply try to maintain the lines of communication open as this may help strengthen your troubled connection. Discuss the difficulties with your partner and search for common ground.

You might also make plans to see a counselor together or study literature about the specific issues you are dealing with. The worst thing you can do is end a relationship, and only when all other choices have been exhausted.

4. Workplace

The workplace is meant to be a location where we do the duties for which we have been engaged.

However, facing antagonism at work—dealing with toxic individuals who would rather not see any positive in what you do—is not impossible. It might be due to differences in background, attitudes, or unhealthy competitiveness, which can lead to personal problems. This might increase stress and decrease productivity.


while dealing with toxic individuals, remain as professional as possible while dealing with the most frequent situations in life. Try to prevent personal confrontation by being nice and sympathetic.

You might even try to contact the individuals and ask them over for coffee to learn more about their views. This can help you connect with them on their level, avoiding undue tension for yourself.

5. Career Pressure

You will almost certainly face work-related pressure as you strive for greater success. Such situations might arise when attempting to stabilize or advance in your profession. It can also be caused by overwork and a lack of a social life. One of the most prevalent life issues is career pressure.

It is possible that the promotion you have been working hard for may not come your way, or that positions you are suited for will be offered to others. When you notice that the majority of your coworkers are going ahead of you, the pressure increases.


Check to see if you have any personal or behavioral issues. Some behavioral issues might put you at a disadvantage. It might be a lack of communication, personal grooming, or interpersonal and networking abilities. If you have any of these issues, concentrate on improving yourself in those areas.

You might also monitor your successful coworkers and record what they are doing differently.

6. Unfair Treatment

We live in a society where some individuals believe they have advantages over others and may desire to use this thinking to treat others unfairly. If you find yourself in an atmosphere where you are oppressed or mistreated because of your ethnicity, gender, or present status, it may make you feel terrible and have a negative impact on your psychology and productivity.


The temptation is to condemn your treatment, defend yourself, and demand a change right now, but you should actually wait for the proper chance.

When the time is appropriate, contact the person or authority in question personally and in secret. Meanwhile, be truthful about the instances of your unjust treatment. Don't just say you're being mistreated; provide numerous verifiable examples.

Keep being yourself once you've respectfully expressed your issues. If nothing changes, you can isolate yourself in that atmosphere. If you have the opportunity to depart, you should do so.

7. Emptiness and Boredom

When you're stuck in a rut, everything becomes normal, uninteresting, and unproductive, and changing is tough. This might leave you feeling empty and bored. This may not appear to be a big life issue, yet it can have a significant influence on your life.


Break out of your habits and purposefully create a fresh experience for yourself to overcome boredom and emptiness. If you are unable to leave your current work in order to obtain a new one, begin doing other activities that show your actual interest. Sometimes the things that provide us the motivation we need in life aren't our day jobs.

8. Confusion

Confusion is defined as a change in mental condition in which a person is unable to think clearly as usual. It is inherent in forgetfulness and inability to concentrate.

This is one of the most serious real-world issues today. It can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including medical and environmental conditions. It might also be the result of a loss, sorrow, or abuse.


Don't let the situation escalate into anything more severe. Try to break free from any experiences that are leading you to be confused. Seek medical attention if necessary, or consult a psychologist.

9. Friendship Problems

We need friends in our life to share thoughts, hang out with, and even aid us when we get into difficulties. However, many people have gotten themselves into significant problems as a result of the friends they retain. They've witnessed treachery, backstabbing, and violation of trust. Some friends have even betrayed confidence by using information freely offered during moments of friendship.


Don't tell your buddies everything. Keep some facts to yourself exclusively. If you suspect a buddy is conspiring against you, approach them with the facts. Limit your interactions with them or altogether avoid such poisonous pals.

10. Haunting Past

We all have histories, and we may have done some insane things before learning to live a more civilized and moral life. But, every now and again, the past returns to haunt us. It's much worse when old life troubles resurface and create problems in the present.

It's possible that what you've done is now bothering you and keeping you up at night. Or someone who knows about it is attempting to use it against you, impeding your development.


Maintain your integrity and forgive yourself. If the problem is with another individual, you can contact them to resolve it. If a secret has been revealed, own up to it, accept responsibility, and move on.

11. Safety and Security

You may find yourself in an environment where there have been unexplained murder, gun violence, police brutality, insurgencies, and other life-threatening situations. This can make you feel like you might be the next victim. What should you do in this situation?


Keep an eye on where you travel and keep your home safe. You may also join a neighborhood community watch to work together to discover answers to the issue. If the issue persists, you may choose to relocate to a more secure place.

12. Failure

One of the most prevalent real-life issues is failure. It might lead to disappointment and delay the rate of advancement. However, failure is a part of life, and we must learn to deal with it. But what do you do when a failed experience pulls you down?


You can be motivated by other people's success tales by reading a book or biographies.

13. Grief

No one enjoys grieving, yet we can't completely avoid it; the death of a loved one is terrible and, if not handled appropriately, may lead to an emotional collapse.


Take your time expressing your emotions. You can also write a heartfelt tribute to the person. Writing may help us express sentiments that we cannot articulate elsewhere, and it can also let us breathe a sigh of relief.

You can also cope with your loss by assisting them in fulfilling some of their unmet aspirations or by doing something in their honor. Finally, even as you mourn your loss, you must go on, embracing the truth that life is fleeting.

The Bottom Line

Problems are what make life worthwhile to live. They assist us in becoming tougher as we adapt to various conditions. Remember that any life difficulties you are dealing with have solutions or, at the very least, a workable approach.

As a result, never let real-life obstacles prevent you from reaching your full potential.

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